Matte Gray Smart Car – 2 in stock today

Smart Car Matte Grey Metallic

Matte Gray Smart Car models appeal to all demographics in Portland Oregon. What is your favorite color in a Fortwo?

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At D’Angelo Auto Sales in Hillsboro a suburb of Portland Oregon, new and used car buyers are always looking for the newest hot trends in the automotive industry. As of late, the vehicle wrap industry has propelled custom colors and finishes for every type of car. Matte gray has become one of the hottest trends that auto makers have noticed and we have two new Smart Car models in inventory today to prove it. Vehicle wraps were originally designed for commercial purposes like advertisements but our two matte gray Smart Car models are made like this direct from rhe factory.

2014 Smart Car Interior black

These two cars are very similar in color; matte gray, yet different in options including leather verses cloth and Smart Car wheel packages.

If you like, think you may like, or just want to see what a matte gray smart car is all about come visit our showroom west of downtown Portland today.

Used Smart Car – NW dealership Portland to Seattle

Portland Smart Car Dealership
Portland Smart Car Dealership
Black Smart Car
Congrats to the _______ family on there new Fortwo. There is really something to be said about a great selection of used cars and great service.
Black Smart Car interior
After shopping around the Seattle market, it became evident a drive south down to Portland for a dealership with their new Smart Car would be the answer.
Black Smart Car Portland
At D’Angelo Auto Sales used car dealership in Portland we connected the _____ family with their new Smart Car.
Black Smart Car interior
In the Northwest, from Portland to Seattle, when it comes time for your new or used auto, like this 2012 Smart Car, contact us for excellent service, excellent selection and unique buying experience, contact D’Angelo Auto Sales now.
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Portland Smart Car Dealership