VIDEO: 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Ambient Lighting Package

VIDEO: 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Ambient Lighting Package

As the price of technology continually declines, we have begun to see new really cool features pop up in cars. Automakers globally are searching for that one thing that will set their car apart from the competition. Ambient lighting packages like this one in the Volkswagen Beetle are a great way for a company like VW appeal to the Millennial market.

Light Blue Smart Car


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Light blue smart car fortwo passion

What is clear about these ultra compact vehicles, is that their owners are partial to color.  As if the design does not make them distinctive enough (at least on American roads), the fun colors define them further.  Today we are going to spend some time with this 2013 Light Blue Smart Car with the dove grey (almost white ) interior.  Together the color combo is simple, refreshing and down right easy to look at.  This light blue smart car has the silver insert that works well with the alloy wheels.Grey White Smart Car Interior

What do you think about this light blue smart car.  If light blue is your color or you prefer a different color, let our team help you find a beautiful smart car like this one.

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